Our goal is to be a source of excellence for our customers; to provide a challenging professional experience for our employees; to be a rewarding investment for our stakeholders; and to be a respected citizen of the community.

“If we can create spaces that inspire people and improve their quality of life, then I believe we have succeeded.”

– Ajay Ashar
CMD (Ashar Group)

At Ashar, we are defined not only by what we build, but also by whom we build for. Our projects attract sophisticated homebuyers who appreciate unique homes with a sense of community and interaction, as well as all the smaller details. Good design is what truly elevates us. We value enduring, proportioned architecture and contemporary interior design and believe that a home should support the needs of its homeowner by elegantly falling to the background as the excitement and comforts of everyday life play out.

It is our tradition to involve every internal team, from construction to marketing to customer service, at inception and right to completion. This approach captures input from all aspects of our customers experience, so we can deliver on our brand promise which is building trust.

Blazing a trail. Pushing the envelope. Changing our mind-set.

The Ashar team, under Ajay Ashar’s leadership, is distinguishing itself for its vision in creating vibrant, exciting communities, with homes of superior quality, created with superb materials, exquisite finishes and fine craftsmanship. Homes that contribute to their neighbourhoods and provide lasting value to their owners.


“You don’t just build a development. You build a reputation. And we want our reputation to speak for itself. We want our greatest advocates to be the families who live in our homes.”
-Ajay Ashar CMD
Ajay Ashar established Ashar Group of Companies in 2002. His visionary leadership style and growing reputation for setting new standards is the driving force behind the company’s success as one of Mumbai’s premier property development firms. Ashar’s word is his bond and he consistently delivers what he promises in the construction of well thought out and well-designed high-rise residential, commercial projects. With this vision embedded in everything we do, we are working towards a creation that brings fulfilment to life-be it throughout our flagship business of Construction, Education, Retail, IT-Parks and Infrastructure. We at Ashar will continue creating a better experience in every aspect of life. Realizing that you are only as good as the people around you, Ashar develops and continues to manage an outstanding team of construction specialists with a focus on progressive leadership and accountability.



Our Vision

  • We anticipate unique opportunities.
  • We find ways to evolve communities.
  • We build landmarks to stand the test of time.
  • This creates built-in value for ASHAR GROUP buyers.

Our Quality

  • We attract the very best team and trades.
  • We build for the long run and put our name on it.
  • We create homes for your family and ours.
  • HOMES built by ASHAR GROUP means lasting quality, excellent value & appeal.

Our Integrity

  • Honesty is the basis of the ASHAR legacy.
  • We care about our product and customers.
  • We work hard for your trust and loyalty.
  • We look after you.
  • Our reputation and service are second to none.

We consistently go beyond, enhancing the lifestyle, living spaces and neighbourhoods of our most valued asset — our customers.